Beekeeping in Bulgaria

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This site is devoted to the Bulgarian beekeeping. Bulgaria is the country with nice apicultural traditions that is caused by favorable naturally-climatic conditions for beekeeping. Here you will familiarize with experience of the Bulgarian beekeepers, with their advanced achievements, with statistics of the Bulgarian beekeeping. You will learn what apicultural newspapers and magazines leave in Bulgaria, what societies of beekeepers exist, what events - exhibitions, conferences, festivals of honey, etc., occur in apicultural community. As in Bulgaria often happen apicultural excursions in the next and close countries you will find also the information on beekeeping on the Balkans and abroad.

The site is written in Russian, therefore you will find also many interesting articles by Russian beekeepers.

Here is the review of some sections of a site:

  • The Alpine beehive - the Bulgarian and foreign operating experience of a remarkable multicase beehive of the French inventor Roger Delon, more known as the Alpine beehive, drawings of a beehive;
  • Beekeeping stock - the description of mainly self-made beekeeping stock;
  • Beekeeping МЕТЕ - original sights at beer family of the Estonian beekeeper-innovator Andres Raava, its beehive and technology of beekeeping;
  • Articles on beekeeping МЕТЕ - articles of critics and followers of beekeeping МЕТЕ;
  • My apiary - the description of real apiaries and technologies of beekeeping of their owners;
  • The fresh sight in beekeeping - author's section of Russian beekeeper Vitaly Viktorovich Krivchikov;
  • V.Zharov's articles and translations - articles of the Russian beekeeper Victor Georgievich Zharov known for the publications in magazine "Beekeeping" and the newspaper "The apiary of Russia", and also its translations from Polish magazines "Pszczelarstwo" and "Pasieka".
  • Advice of colleagues - small beekeeping cunnings which will not find in the apicultural literature;
  • The Book-store - summaries of books on apicultural subjects;
  • The Miscellaneous - an essay and the stories, devoted to bees and beekeepers;
  • The Internet resources on beekeeping - the Bulgarian Internet resources, devoted to beekeeping.

Owing to the leader of machine translation PROMPT, each page of a site can be translated in a mode "on-line" in English, German, French and Spanish language.

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